What is the point of what I do every day?

Which SAP jobs benefit society? More and more professionals are asking this question. The trend is clear: When changing jobs, the focus is increasingly on what a company does for society. Anyone who as an SAP specialist would like to inquire about meaningful jobs will find answers and specific vacancies at duerenhoff.

Whether nursing staff and supermarket cashiers got so much of the applause they received from Germany’s balconies a few weeks ago remains a question of a personal point of view. Nobody can bite off the applause alone. Appreciation must always be shown on the payslip. This essential need has not changed after the corona crisis.

But there are actually things that are weighted differently these days than before. For example: When choosing their next job, more and more people are making sure that their job makes sense.

A small contribution to a better world. A big one, too.

SAP professionals are no exception. They too are increasingly questioning the contribution their work makes to society and the common good. Of course, not all companies are of prime systemic importance. One must not see the “world improvement” too global. No job saves the world alone – and that also applies to SAP jobs. And yet: It is legitimate to check your own actions and the company you work for for the components that benefit society. This is exactly what more and more SAP specialists are doing these days.

The good ones are getting more

The trend towards fulfilling jobs is evident in current studies, for example in the salary study of the career network XING. One in ten respondents would change jobs for more meaningful work. The job is not seen as just a way to earn a living. He should fulfill and demand. Happiness researcher Karlheinz Ruckriegel from the Technical University of Nuremberg considers “contributions to society” as one of the three central factors in being happy.
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Duerenhoff knows more

In terms of specific job changes, this welcome trend means that every company is required to appropriately present the contribution it makes to society. Mind you: This is by no means a rhetorical beautification exercise or a benevolent judgment. It’s about hard facts, for example, ecological sustainability, resource conservation, equal opportunities, and the social impact of the company’s products or services.

Anyone who, as an SAP specialist, thinks about these factors and their own career will find specific answers from the duerenhoff personnel consultants. From long-term knowledge of the company, duerenhoff knows which SAP jobs are suitable for people for whom the social dimension of work is important. Anyone who would like to change to such a company or institution will meet consultants at duerenhoff who understand this wish very well.