Business innovation and climate are the future topics of SAP

The intelligent company that will be environmentally friendly in the future – this is the focus of SAP at the online in-house exhibition Sapphire. A lot to do for SAP specialists – and also for SAP HR consultants. There are many opportunities for SAP specialists willing to change.

Industry 4.0 optimizes supply chains

According to SAP, the lever for this change of direction is the use of artificial intelligence to increase the automation and productivity of a company. With the Industry 4. Now SAP offers innovations for the entire supply chain from development to operation and enables insights, greater automation, and responsiveness. Industry 4.0 should develop into a company-wide business strategy. So far, such initiatives have only been aimed at manufacturing facilities.

“With Industry 4. Now SAP provides innovations for companies to ensure seamless data flow for these intelligent products and systems throughout their entire life cycle,” explains SAP board member Thomas Saueressig. “Real-time information flows back into the business processes – from development to operation.” With predictive analysis, this information enables better business decisions to be made and new business models and sources of income to be opened up.”

An industry cloud with open standards

Smart companies strike a balance between optimizing their existing business models and innovating for industry-specific business opportunities. The aim is to develop additional sources of income with digital technologies. Together with partners, SAP offers industry-specific cloud solutions to expand the integrated processes of SAP S/4HANA.

“The industry-specific cloud enables innovative industry solutions from us and our partners,” explains Saueressig. “These solutions are developed with technologies from the Business Technology Platform portfolio and use an open framework for program interfaces, an open process model, an open domain model, and general business services to offer customers and users seamless processes.”
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Climate 21 aims to reduce greenhouse gases

The topic of sustainability is also addressed by SAP CEO Klein in his keynote. Applications such as SAP Product Carbon Footprint Analytics are to be used under the Climate 21 banner to help companies to record and reduce their greenhouse emissions. In a roadmap that will run over several years, SAP will work with innovation partners to integrate sustainability indicators into SAP’s solution portfolio. This is intended to help customers analyze and optimize the carbon footprint of their products and business operations. The software manufacturer sees itself in a good position here. According to Klein, 85 percent of the companies with the highest CO2 emissions use SAP systems, and he sees this as an opportunity: “If industries such as utilities, agriculture, and transport reduce their emissions with IT, that corresponds to a possible saving of 26 gigatons of CO2.”

An eye on the SAP job market

Industry 4.0, industry clouds and applications that minimize the greenhouse effect: SAP’s portfolio of control applications for business processes is huge. Many companies will use it to stimulate their growth. But there is still a bottleneck: SAP specialists are scarce and hard to find on the open market. Companies benefit from an SAP-specialized HR consultancy like duerenhoff. Applicants also benefit from individual advice. They use duerenhoff’s insider knowledge and market overview to their advantage. Important decision-making bases for a job change – earning potential, team atmosphere, working conditions, further career opportunities – can be assessed more objectively with a personnel consultancy at your side. The next career decision is too important for many SAP specialists to make alone. Sapphire makes it clear: It is high time to leave survival mode behind in your own career.