10 years of duerenhoff

A decade ago, duerenhoff personnel consultancy started in a makeshift office that was set up in the backroom of a carpet center. Thousands of job placements later, the team is celebrating its first major anniversary. The success story is impressive.

You know it: two close friends have a plan. If you ask the two of them, he is of course unbeatable. If you ask other people, it turns out that not everyone shares the euphoria of friends. In the case of duerenhoff, the skeptics have long been forgotten. Even the skeptics themselves may hardly remember their predictions – especially not on the occasion of the tenth anniversary. Alexander Himpel and Martin Lange and their team have long since left the back room of the carpet center. 40 employees now work in a spacious, airy building in Stuttgart. duerenhoff is a natural part of the SAP industry. Unimaginable without it. Some SAP specialists are even wondering: I’m sorry, only ten years old – are they still that young? It feels like duerenhoff has always been there.

The personnel consultancy for SAP specialists. And 100 percent.

If you take a closer look, Himpel and Lange have implemented two ideas at once with duerenhoff personnel consulting. On the one hand, the obvious unique selling point of duerenhoff: The personnel consultancy specializes fully in the field of SAP. In fact, the SAP landscape forms its own sector within the IT world. Around two-thirds of all large companies worldwide use the programs of the world market leader for business software. From today’s perspective, it only seems logical to concentrate on this powerful segment as a personnel consultancy. Lange and Himpel recognized this. The personnel consultants who mediate at duerenhoff know the SAP system and the structures in the teams on the customer side in an astonishing depth.
Work in Flanders

The less obvious unique selling point is the intensive, almost friendly relationship that the consultants develop with the SAP specialists. The mutual understanding is no coincidence but is firmly anchored in the duerenhoff DNA. duerenhoff takes its time for communication. In the detailed discussions with the candidates, things and topics are always discussed that go far beyond the technical aspects. Humans are more important than any system – that may sound like a matter of course. The translation into the typical working method of a personnel consultancy is less obvious. If you really want to know people, you have to take your time. A lot of time. It is the only known method of finding out more about very special wishes, goals, and life plans that play a decisive role in filling a vacancy. Seen in this light, the many questions and the intensive discussions about seemingly trivial matters are only professional. After ten years it can be said: The accuracy of the specific recruitment recommendations at duerenhoff is simply higher.

3,500 companies. Ten years. 2 moves.